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There are a wide range of craps tables for sale. Choosing a craps table can be confusing, particularly if you are trying to find a good value. There are craps tables on the market starting at around $1000. (plus shipping). These are 93” long, are affordably priced for home game rooms and are available with green or blue felt. Some casino party rental companies use them or the 12 foot version but these relatively cheap craps tables really aren’t designed for the rugged use of constantly relocation.

93” Craps table

Best Cutsom Craps Table for sale
Get Cutsom Craps Table for sale

99” Craps Table

Buy Cutsom Craps Table for sale

There are a couple of new options for you to consider if you want to buy craps tables. One is 99” x 48” and includes many features that would normally be expected on more expensive custom poker tables. The features that are included are (2) mirrors, casino quality felt, regulation height, removable arm rests, leather arm rest material plus quick & easy assembly without any tools required. At $1,695. (+ shipping), this is the first low cost craps table with extra accessories that looks great for home use but is designed for the handling of Casino Party Rental Companies. We also have the “big brother” version that is a 10 foot craps table (126″ x 60″) in stock for $2,395. + S/H.

Some craps tables come fully assembled (except for adding the legs). If you are thinking about one of these craps tables that do not disassemble for your home game room keep in mind the large size and heavy weight of this table “tub”. You may need a few strong guys even if it could fit around corners and up or down your stairs. It may be more practical to buy a table that is designed to be portable so it can be moved in smaller pieces and easier to get into your game room.

Another new product is a cost reduced version of the full casino quality craps table. The arm rests and drink shelves are only on each end of the table. The craps tables have modular construction that makes it easier to transport and they can usually be moved by one person into a home or for use at Casino Party Rental Companies. These tables are regulation height and can be provided with various different dice responses for each end. These tables are perfect for people that want dice control practice craps tables. These tables are available from 8 foot to 12 foot craps table lengths.

8 foot dice control practice table

Cutsom Craps Table for sale

10 foot rental style craps table

Cutsom Craps Table

The craps tables used in most poker rooms and small casinos generally have upgraded materials and a few more features included (full arm rests and chip racks, double dealer boxes, mirrors, extra room for chips, vertical chip racks, etc.). These tables are generally in the price range of $2,500. to $3,000. (+ shipping).

14 foot casino quality craps table

How to choose a Craps Table

The final category is the full casino craps table. These can range anywhere from 10 feet long to 14’ long. These craps tables are top quality are usually fully custom so you can have these built with any features or colors that you want. You can choose the arm rest vinyl color, felt color and exterior color. You can get a fully custom felt with the game room name, logos, etc. They usually have dealer mirrors, a drop box and/or vertical chip racks. The 10’ tables start at $3,000. + shipping (plus there may be an additional crating charge). A 14’ craps table will cost around $4,500. (+ shipping that is around $500.).

The last things to consider are the accessories. Here are the craps accessories that are usually purchased with craps tables: Craps on/off puck (approx. 3” diameter) or smaller on/off buttons. There are inexpensive dice or precision dice that are used in casinos – they are around $18. for 5 dice. Dice sticks are 24” to 48” long. A 36” stick will be fine for a 93” to 96” craps table. A dice boat is nice to have to keep some extra dice in. They can be acrylic or wood. You will probably need some chips – an inexpensive 300 or 500 chip set should be fine. If you want upgraded chips or custom poker chips in an acrylic, oak, leather or mahogany case – that is up to your personal preference.

Craps accessory set:

How to choose a Craps Table

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