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Degenerate Gambler Shirt …. (M, L, XL, 2XL)


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Degenerate Gambler Poker Shirt

Honesty is the best policy. Is this shirt for you?

The old white version is retired and we are happy to have the new black version. You might be a degenerate gambler if…

1) While playing online poker you actually ”RUN” inside your house to use the bathroom, get a drink, etc in order not to MISS a single hand.

2) Everyone who knows you understands that when you say ”broke even” you really mean ”dropped about $1500”.

3)You regularly play bingo and are under the age of 65.

4) You are known on a first name basis at the local dog track or regular bet on a horse based on it’s name.

5) You have your own ”scientific” system for beating the slot machines.

6) You would really like to buy this shirt, but are contemplating putting the $16.50 down on a preseason football game.

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