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Donkey Lucky Poker Ball – Great Gag Gift !!

$9.99 $6.00

Makes a Perfect Gag Gift or Stocking Stuffer !! Ever been confronted at the poker table with a really tough decision? Well, those days are over. With the Lucky Donkey Ball, making poker decisions was never easier, or more fun! Just shake the magic poker 8-ball and you might be advised to ”Call”, ”Slowplay”, ”Go with your instincts” or ”ALL-IN Baby!” There are 20 different response !! Use this little lucky charm  to get a few laughs at the table or just plain confuse your opponents with your unpredictable play.  This is a great gift for the person that “thinks they know it all” – you know – thinks they are a shark but they are not – this could improve their game !!

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