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Large Acrylic Raffle Drum


Whether it’s a 50/50 drawing, door prizes or a fundraising raffle, this large acrylic raffle drum is perfectly sized for most events! The see-through build of this product allows participants to see the tickets spin, making the excitement and anticipation grow before a winner is selected.

The secure key-latch mechanism ensures the trap door will remain closed while the drum is spinning so no tickets get lost and everyone involved has an equal chance of being selected. Additionally, each drum is precision-balanced for a smooth spin and a truly random mixture.

Made from heavy-duty acrylic, the sturdy construction ensures your raffle drum will be a part of your organization for years to come. The large raffle drum will hold approximately 10,000 tickets. This drum measures 21.5″ long, 16″ wide and 17.75″ tall.

This large acrylic raffle drum is ideal for school carnivals, door prizes at company parties, charity events and much more.

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