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Phil “Unabomber” Laak – Poker SuperStars Book

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This book is available in paperback or hardcover. People wonder whether Phil Laak is just the luckiest guy on earth or some sort of mad genius. Those who know him best say he’s something in between: a fun-loving goofball with a frighteningly analytical mind. Fans love his attitude and antics at the poker table. At any rate, he’s one of the most popular professional poker players alive today. In this series, readers will learn about the individuals who played in the early days of the game, as well as those who are today’s frequent participants at the final table. Each individual’s achievements and personal life is explored in pictures, in their own words, and in compelling narrative. Readers will learn how each of these motivated players made it to the top in their field. Texas Hold’em explores the benefits and risks of playing poker: Poker helps teach life skills, including probabilities and statistics, interpreting others’ reactions, and the ability to make quick decisions under pressure.

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