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"How to Select" Poker Playing Cards

This is another in our “How to Select” poker supplies series. Playing cards are an important part of the poker game. Some people mark the cards by putting a crease or scratch the back (usually aces) to give themselves an unfair advantage. Marked, damaged and wore out cards are the reasons that new decks of playing cards are required on a regular basis. As a result, durability is an important consideration. The typical playing cards you can get at K-mart or the grocery store are wax coated paper. They are around $1. per deck and are fine for the occasional card player. If you play for an extended time and a few times per month those cards won’t hold up. The best solution is 100% plastic cards. They are very durable and can be washed if they get dirty or sticky. There are poker sized and bridge sized cards. Poker size cards are 1/4″ wider and are the traditional size for poker games. Some dealers prefer the bridge size since they feel they are easier to shuffle. Ladies and people with smaller hands also prefer the bridge sized cards – it is up to you – I have both available !! Another important item is the size of the text on the cards. There is the regular size (as on the wax coated K-mart cards) or jumbo sized is also available. The text is somewhat bigger and is helpful to see the cards from across the table, particularly if there is low light or for some people have poor eye sight. I think the jumbo text is by far the best choice. There is also an even larger size of text called magnum but I think the cards look ridiculous. But, somebody must buy them or they wouldn’t be available. 🙂 You can get used cards from casinos (I have them on my web site) but the corners are cut or a hole is punched in them – they aren’t my preference. KEM cards are the most expensive and are highly regarded by many poker rooms. Give them a try – they may be your favorite too. I like Copag cards. They are about 30% less expensive, I think they hold up just as well. Copag has many more choices of styles and card back designs. There are several other brands of plastic cards. One I like are the “generic” plastic cards on my site – they are about half the price of Copag. They are thinner and easier to shuffle. They aren’t as durable – but you can open a new deck twice as often for the same price !! The newest type of plastic cards are the 31mm cards. They are thicker than Copag or KEM playing cards, last as long or longer and are about 1/3 less expensive. My home game players and a lot of poker rooms really like these cards – give them a try !! 31mm Playing Cards I do offer discounts for purchases (10) decks or by the case (24 decks) if that is of interest – just ask. I hope this is helpful – if you have any questions just let me know.