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Poker tables come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, prices, sizes & quality. Finding the right one for you can be very confusing. Let’s try to make some sense of it all.

img2Poker tables with folding legs are available in 84” or 96” lengths. If space is an issue for your table you may need to go with an 84” table but they will generally only seat up to 8 players comfortably. These oblong poker tables are available in all 4 colors (red, blue, green & black) as a dealer spot table with a chip tray or as a 10 player poker table. There are several variations such as including a chip rail (race track), cup holders, drop box(es) or speed cloth. These tables can be a good choice if the table is normally stored or if low cost is a major factor in your decision.

img3There are Round poker tables and Octagon poker tables. They can either have folding legs, 4 rigid legs or a center pedestal. There are 48” tables that seat 6 players or up to 65” tables that can seat 8 players. There is a big difference in the quality of the materials used to construct these tables from supplier to supplier. Round poker tables can have chip rails, cup holders, drop boxes, custom felt, dining table tops, LED lights, etc.

img4Oblong standard poker tables can have different bases such as curved wood legs or columns with a foot rest. These tables are imported, range in price from $375. to $600. They have a variety of accessories available such as speed cloth, drop box(es), metal chip trays, chip rails, cup holders, etc. These are a good value and are an upgrade from folding leg tables and simple table toppers, etc.

img5Custom poker tables are the next class of poker tables. They use higher quality materials for construction (better arm rest vinyl, speed cloth, real wood chip rails instead of plastic, a thicker main board, better stain/painting, etc.). They usually come with nice features such as replaceable felts and replaceable arm rests. These features allow you to repair or upgrade your table in the future instead of having to throw it away. You can have your choices of color for the arm rest vinyl, playing surface and wood stain. You can also add a lot of different accessories such as automatic shufflers, custom felt, custom legs, chip drawers, USB phone chargers, 9’ tables, logos, decorative upgrades, etc. You can get a wooden top for a dining poker table or a conference table. Another popular option is to get a sports themed poker table. These tables have custom felts with your favorite team colors, name, logo and images – some even paint the whole table in their team colors. Some poker tables have lights such as rope lights

while some poker tables have special LED lights with a controller that allows you to change the colors & provide an array of amazing displays.

T here are a lot of great features, options and accessories available. Some top of the line casino custom poker table styles with all of the accessories included can approach $6,000. per table.

How to select a Custom Poker table
How to select a Poker table
How to select a Poker table

I hope you found this overview helpful in determining the poker table that is right for you. When you buy poker tables there are lots of choices and it can be frustrating. I would be happy to help guide you through the various choices so that you can buy the best custom poker table for your needs. I post many photos of my recent designs on my Facebook site. You can “like” it to keep up to date with the latest developments & sales offers. If you have any questions you can contact me at any of the following:

(231) 631-1571