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Selecting Products for a New Poker Room

Various items requested by most Poker Rooms: 


I am happy to help you with the various choices along the way.  The poker tables & chairs are the most expensive parts and the correct choice is critical.  The poker chips can be confusing since there are so many choices.  I can provide a lot of help here so you end up with the best type and correct quantities so your poker room will run smoothly.  There are several other items and accessories to choose from too.  Once we settle in on a package I am happy to provide a complete quote which will be your best value, combining shipping and easier than sourcing from several different vendors.  I do have several “How to” guides on selecting poker chips, tables, etc. on my web site  www.TheBestPokerSite.com under the “Poker Product Info” tab.  

Here is a list of the more popular items customers ask for when starting a new poker.


Standard Stock Poker Tables: https://www.thebestpokersite.com/product-category/poker-tables-in-stock-new/

Custom Poker Tables: https://www.thebestpokersite.com/product-category/custom-poker-table-custom-poker-tables/

Side Tables: https://www.thebestpokersite.com/product-category/poker-side-tables-drink-food-or-snack-carts/

Standard Poker Chairs: https://www.thebestpokersite.com/product-category/poker-chairs-2/poker-chairs/

Custom Casino Poker Chairs: https://www.thebestpokersite.com/product-category/poker-chairs-2/casino-quality-poker-chairs/


Custom poker chips (I am happy to help choose these): https://www.thebestpokersite.com/custom-poker-chips-personalized-poker-chips/ 

Poker chips with denominations:  https://www.thebestpokersite.com/custom-poker-chips-personalized-poker-chips/

Standard Poker chip sets (ask if you have questions): https://www.thebestpokersite.com/product-category/poker-chip-sets/1000-chip-poker-chip-sets/


Tournament Manager software: $77. (ask for details)  

Poker Tournament Timer Director: https://www.thebestpokersite.com/product/poker-ace-poker-tournament-director-version-2-1/


Poker Framed Wall Art: https://www.thebestpokersite.com/product-category/framed-poker-wall-art-casino-chips-and-cards/

Poker Paintings: https://www.thebestpokersite.com/product-category/poker-paintings-artwork/poker-paintings-hand-painted/

Copag 100% plastic playing cards (I also have bridge size): https://www.thebestpokersite.com/product-category/playing-cards-copag-100-plastic/


Generic 100% plastic playing cards: https://www.thebestpokersite.com/product-category/playing-cards-copag-100-plastic/other-100-plastic-playing-cards/


acrylic 100 chip racks: $1.50 Plastic tube with a cap – holds 25 chips:  $0.75 cut cards: $0.20 each Dealer buttons: $1.75 small/big blind buttons: $0.60 each round-by-round Holdem/Omaha buttons $6.

Ask about package discounts & combined shipping. All of the above prices are + S/H

We also can offer leasing for packages totaling $5000. or more: https://www.thebestpokersite.com/comercial-financing/

For more info contact: Jim Clous at (231) 631-1571 or jclous1977@gmail.com